M.I. Hightech Co., Ltd. welcomes your input of drawings and documents via electronic transmission.

General & Computer Info

       Please use the following guidelines as there are many types of operating systems, CAD software brands, and data file formats causing compatibility problems. We highly recommend that data transmission be backed up by overnight delivery to us of a hardcopy of the print-out and of the diskette.
       We operates PC computers running Windows XP, MS DOS, Adobe Acrobat 6.0, Internet Explorer, MS. office XP and WINZip compression programs. Our CAD system is Cadian 2004, Unigraphic NX 2.0 and we can open drawings in most formats with eDrawings. Our e-mail address is: mihightech@hotmail.com

Drawing File Formats

Send files in .dxf, .dwg (AutoCad) or .dwf format. We can accept .igs(.IGES) also, but it has had a poorer track record of transfer success. Autocad files can also be saved as .dxf files and transmitted but this option must be user-selected. Your may also send files as Adobe Acrobat .pdf files. Pdf files are useful for viewing, but cannot be used in the CAD system.

Email Transmission

A) Drawings: Send drawings to the e-mail address: mihightech@hotmail.com Always send them as an attachment to your message. If the file is over 2MB, compress it. Do not send them as text files or as the message itself.
B) Data Files
1. Spreadsheets: Excel spreadsheets can be sent by e-mail. We use Excel XP, and the files must be compatible with this version. Send them as attachments to the e-mail message (compressed if over 2MB), not as the text part of the message itself.
2. Word Processed Documents: Text documents can be sent by e-mail. They must be acceptable to MS Word XP.. Send them as attachments to the e-mail message.


If you wish further information about file transfer, e-mail or call Mr. Sarut Suebsiripong at M.I. Hightech Co., Ltd.

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